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Workout Lesson

Here's What They Say...


“Sierra is an amazing trainer with a multifaceted approach to achieving health and fitness goals.  She varies workouts to keep them interesting, and always seems to get me to push just a little harder than I thought I could.  Sierra also has helped me to tackle my eating habits by working on identifying and modifying my behaviors and relationship with food in a way that will result in sustainable and life-long improved eating habits (not just a diet to achieve a short-term goal).  She is very approachable and totally unfazed by my three young children popping in and out of workouts or the fact that the “workout room” is also the play room and covered in toys.  For the first time in years, I feel like I am on a path back to health and fitness.  She will be helping me to transition from just improving fitness to specific training goals (triathlons and Tough Mudders) as spring rolls around.  I look forward to our training sessions as one of the highlights of the week, which says a lot about her skills and approach.  I highly recommend Sierra to anyone looking to make a positive change in their health and fitness!!”

Jenny Weeks, 30s


“Sierra has been nothing but amazing in helping me reach my goals! I have never felt more confident and on the right path in a long time. She has helped me find what works with my eating habits and get rid of those bad ones. She believes in her clients and not only helps us but also is achieving her own goals! I’ve been so thankful that I made that choice to get professional help and I wouldn’t change it for the world!”

Taylor Poirier, 20s


“Sierra always has a smile, but behind that smile comes her knowledge and drive to push me one step more each day. We’ve been working together for a couple of months now and she’s helped me gain not only my gym confidence, but the knowledge to understand what and why we are doing things. She pushes me beyond what I’ve never imagined reaching alone, and all while enjoying our time. Not only is she skilled at what she does, she enjoys watching my growth. I’ve enjoyed every minute, even on the days where I wasn’t sure I could take a single step more!  18 inches down in 6 weeks, and many more to come! Total of 39 inches to date in just over 4.5 months!”

Mindy Fox, 40s


"Honestly, this is what I love about you the most as a coach! That you always tell your journey, you talks about your ups and down and a lot of the time it helps us to see your story and struggle to not give up whenever we feeling down, personally seeing story like this gives me motivation to keep working hard. I love how you share stories about your clients and always support them. A lot of trainers out there are too shallow, like we see them on social media and all they focus is on their workout routine, the clothes they use but never talk about the vulnerable moments or how hard the journey is."

Oscar Aguilar-Cruz, 20s


“Sierra is one of the best trainers I have had! She is encouraging and pushes you to do your best without being over baring.  She is super approachable and works hard to understand your abilities and creates a workout that pushes you but doesn't go past your limits. She also works out right along you, and shows you proper technique to all her sets. In the days that she can't work out with you she can create a great workout that helps achieve your goals and focuses on what muscle groups you want to work on. The workout is easy to follow and Sierra is always available if you have any questions. My favorite is when working with Sierra she is very goal based and helps the workouts achieve the goals that you set with her. I can't recommend her enough!”

Rachel Kilts, 20s


“I learned many things like, how to do push-ups properly and how to make myself use my arms properly to run faster. Sierra showed me new soccer skills and improved the skills I already had. She helped me improve my endurance, overall strength and foot speed.  All of these boosted my confidence to try out for the varsity team. She also told me how to recover and take care of my injuries. I improved as an athlete by becoming faster, stronger and in better soccer condition.  Sierra also related training drills that help me directly on the field.  Soccer foot skills and one on one moves were the skills I improved the most.  She also helped me with understanding the game and when or where to use certain moves.  Most importantly she helped give me the confidence that I am as good if not better than anyone on the field.  Training sessions were awesome.  I looked forward to our sessions as Sierra always motivated me and pushed me.  She just didn't tell me what to do but worked out with me.  She makes them fun and we do something interesting every time.  I also enjoyed how she incorporated our workouts to improve my soccer skills.”

Kylee Surprenant, 13


"Sierra has been a fantastic trainer! She really listens to what my goals are, and together we come up with a plan to reach them. I originally started my training with Sierra to help keep me accountable with workouts, but I have gained so much more from her! She has helped me break bad habits, meet my fitness and mental health goals, and setting me up for success in the future. Thank you again Sierra!"

Kristy Duguay, 20s


“Sierra is a very knowledgeable and motivating trainer! Unfortunately we only got to work together for a short time, but I've been able to continue using a workout plan she provided. It's been great! I would recommend Sierra for anyone looking to build or strengthen their fitness routine.”

Mary Beth Sareault, 20s


“There was great communication and motivation from trainer! She is very nice and understanding and will help out in any she can. Each program is specifically designed for an individual. I noticed great results in only 3 months! 10/10 would recommend!”

Codie Comeau, 20s


“I learned that you are capable of many things as long as you keep pushing and working for them. With our training, I definitely became stronger and faster, but also more educated. For instance with my diet and my way of letting my body recover. I definitely feel I got more stamina with the sprinting. I enjoyed the bond we made! Of course getting stronger, faster, and more flexible was a plus too!”

Brynn Hite, 13


“After training with Sierra, I learned that you don’t need that much equipment to stay in shape. I improved myself as an athlete because I realized that if I put my mind to it, I can do it. Most importantly, I learned how to eat properly while training. My favorite part was our random conversations.”

Peter Judkins, 17


“I learned to push myself no matter the condition. I learned that there is a great feeling in surpassing your goals. I improved in areas such as speed and strength in full body. I definitely developed a faster sprint and faster feet. I enjoyed being pushed the most and being able to enjoy my workout!”

Callie Racine, 14


“I learned that I could push my limits and have confidence in whatever I do. I think I improved on my aggressiveness, endurance and confidence. I developed speed and footwork with the soccer ball! I enjoyed that I got to know you better and you made the training more fun.”

Ella Lafountain, 12


“Well something really ambitious I did was play net in a few games, I know as a wing back as my coach played me as I really needed the speed and stamina you helped me to build, I even got a goal in my first game! Oh and I was more aggressive! I learned that hard work is through dedication and that you will see the improvement later. As an athlete I've noticed my confidence is higher along with my motivation. I've also noticed I've gotten faster in sprints. My form in sprints is really good and I seem to be sprinting faster, a few of my soccer skills have come along nicely and I have more motivation. Whenever we had sessions together you always tried to make them fun while still pushing us to our potential. The workouts seemed very well suited for me, like personalized unlike some other trainers out there that do the same thing each day. Each day you had some new things to try and even though they were difficult they were also fun. Also your motivation was also helpful. I liked how you participated sometimes and were understanding of our situation we were in, you could tell we were giving our best and you recognized it. It was really fun doing the lessons with you, I also found it really neat you were relatively flexible and open to try new ideas like working in larger groups!”

Kate Johnson, 14


“Thanks again for all you did for the girls! They love you and they both appear to be handling the physical part of practice just fine.” Michele Barnes (mom)

Ashley Barnes, 13, Lindsay Barnes, 14


“After working with Sierra, I learned to push myself and to keep going. I improved on using footwork/skills in soccer. I developed better soccer skills, balance, and strength. My favorite part was enjoying listening to your music and you pushing me to do my best.”

Maddie Willette, 14


“Ok…where to start? First, I’d like to say I’ve FINALLY let go of the power of the scale. It no longer controls my mood. Because, regardless of what it says, I know I’ve put in the work. I now focus on non-scale victories: feeling healthier, lifting heavier, sleeping better, better overall mood, and focusing on the journey rather than the moment. I’ve also changed my diet to include more whole foods and less processed foods. This has decreased my overall physical pain and I no longer have to take my daily anti-inflammatory medication.”

Erin Metcalfe, 40s


"The most important thing I learned from you was to never give up even if you feel like it. I think that I have improved the most on speed, being a team player, and always keeping my head up even if we are losing. My favorite part was the bonding and having you there to push me harder than I could push myself."

Lexi Roberts, 12


“Wow! You can get out of shape so quickly. At 63 years I considered myself to be in pretty good condition. I spend a lot of time on a road bike. My heart and legs were good but the rest of my body was, well….weak. Sierra started working with me two months ago and I can already feel significant results. Each workout session Sierra tailors a program specifically for me. She can see where I need work. She tracks the results, measure improvements and holds me accountable. This is my first experience with a personal trainer. I like it!”

Timothy Detten, 63


“For the first time in my life, I’ve started a workout program and stuck with it. I’ve always given up after a few days or weeks, but Sierra’s unique style of holding you accountable makes you want to go to the gym! I try to improve my eating a little every day and stay away from the scale. For the past six weeks, I’ve been doing Sierra’s program and I feel more flexible, healthier, happier, and stronger! I love going to the gym for the first time ever in my life!”

Karen Suydam, 50s

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