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Trying to lose weight? Don’t miss this key step!

Maybe today’s the day that you decided you’re going to lose weight! You’re going to start dieting and working out because you are sick of feeling the way you feel. Maybe vacation or summer coming up is really motivating you to slim down so you can feel confident and look good!

Most women choose a Monday or the first of the month and commit to a diet until they start seeing change. They start going to the gym or walking each week. All of this is great in the short term, but here’s where they’re missing out in the long run.

Going all in is setting you up for failure. Yes, you may see really fast results, but many ladies fail to maintain their success long term, and that is SO FRUSTRATING! All your hard work for nothing!? Well, 95% of those who go on a diet rebound and end up worse off than before they started the diet!

So how can this be? What is the difference between this and those who make a life long change and experience long term success? The difference is as simple as GOAL SETTING.

I know you probably hear that all the time… “Goal setting is important blah blah blah” but SERIOUSLY, goal setting is one of the first things we do with ALL our clients and it’s the foundation to long term fitness success.

Imagine you are driving a car in a new city and you are trying to make it to your hotel, but you don’t have the address to the hotel, so you have to drive around until you find it. Now imagine you are driving a car in a new city but you know the address of the hotel, so you can simply map the address and pick the best route to get there. The address of our destination is our goal and the journey to get there is the work we put in to achieve that goal.

If we don’t know the destination…aka if we don’t set any specific goals, it’s going to be a lot harder to achieve that goal and figure out what we need to do to get there. If you know specifically what you are trying to achieve, it’s going to be a LOT easier to get there.

So how do we set goals and what is considered a “good” fitness goal? A great fitness goal would include something specific, measurable, and achievable with a time frame and re-evaluation. Re-evaluation means that after we achieve that goal or hit the time frame of the goal, we re-evaluate and set a new goal to keep us on track.

Many times, ladies fail at long term success because let’s say they’re prepping for a vacation. They have 3 months to train before vacation and they go hard, lose 10 pounds, and look great. Then, they get back from vacation and don’t keep up what they were doing before, so they gain it all back, and some more! Have you been there before? The 3 months of training was for what? Nothing? Talk about even more FRUSTRATING! So don’t forget to re-evaluate your goals at the end of a goal’s term and set a new, more challenging goal to keep yourself motivated and focused! Thanks for reading this blog! I am so happy you are here and I hope this helps you in your fitness journey! Don’t forget to define your goals!! Below is a free PDF of the goal setting worksheet we use for our clients when they start their fitness journey with us. Take advantage of this, print it, fill it out, and put your goals somewhere where you can read them daily! If you’re ready to experience long term success with us, please fill out the apply now form or text us 518-888-7737 to talk more about your goals!

Have a blessed day and keep up the good work girls,

Coach Sierra

PhotoFit Goal Setting Worksheet
Download PDF • 21KB

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