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Play Like A Girl
6 Week Basketball Academy For Middle School Athletes

Our Story

A 6 week basketball academy for middle school girls to unlock their true potential. 

Back when I played basketball in high school and in college, there was a huge divide between the starters and the bench warmers. 


Not only did it cost us wins, but it made playing basketball so miserable for some athletes, that many didn't return the following season. I, a basketball lover, didn't even return to my high school varsity team my sophomore year.

I believe every player is important. Every athlete, not just the starters, deserves the opportunity to improve their game and receive the coaching they need to make it to the next level. 

Play Like A Girl believes in you! We are a family, we work hard, and we empower our athletes to grow more than what they knew was possible!

Our Mission

We will be the best basketball academy for girls in America by 2024 because we help our athletes unlock their potential, become leaders, and use the game to succeed in life on and off the court.

Dates & Locations

1 - 1:45pm: Basketball 101

2 - 3pm- Beginners

3 - 4pm: Intermediate

4 - 5pm: Advanced

5 - 6pm: Strength & Conditioning 


Location: TBD


*If you are unsure what group your athlete should start in, don't worry! Your athlete will be moved accordingly after their first few clinics. 

Here's What Makes Us Unique

Because we are not your typical basketball clinic...we learn, we work hard, and we help each other grow.

A Coach Who Truly Cares

Coach Sierra cares as much about your success as you do, if not more. Sierra's unique style of holistic coaching helps athletes grow as not only athletes, but as people too. She connects and gets to know her athletes on a personal level, which helps empower athletes to grow their confidence, be great teammates, and have the tools to navigate life after sport. 

Confidence Building

Did you know that one of the biggest separators of high performing athletes and low performing athletes isn't their talent or skill level, it's actually their confidence in themselves! This program will give your athlete the tools to become confident on the floor and trust their abilities. Having a strong mental edge will separate your child from the rest and help them grow

We Dream BIG

We train our athletes to the level they want to be at, not the level they are currently at. For this reason, your athlete will know what it's like to train at the next level so they are always being challenged, which is where the real growth starts to happen! We set our goals high, embrace challenge and failure, work on goal setting, and allow our athletes to dream of where they would love achieve in their sport.

We Are A Family

Basketball is not an individual sport. There are 5 players on the court for a reason. We are a family first. When athletes learn to be a team player and properly communicate with other athletes, they will take their game to a whole new level. "It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed." – Napolean Hill

Our Clients Say

callie racine.jpg
"I learned to push myself no matter the condition. I learned that there is a great feeling in surpassing your goals. I improved in areas such as speed and strength in full body. I definitely developed a faster sprint and faster feet. I enjoyed being pushed the most and being able to enjoy my workout!"

Callie Racine, 14 years old


I want my daughter to join,
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2 / What equipment will my daughter need?

Please make sure your daughter has basketball shoes, a basketball, and a water bottle! Please make sure your daughter arrives early to put basketball shoes on and get ready!

3 / What does a typical session look like?

We will always start our sessions with a goal for the day and a quick briefing. Then we will go through a warm up, followed by station work that will focus on ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, finishing moves, and more. Lastly, we will end with a recap of the session and stretching. 

4 / How do you decide which level my daughter plays at? 

Age and grade do not matter with this program. You daughter will start at your level of choice. From there, coaches will make the decision to move her up or move her down to a higher level. We never want a level to be too easy for your daughter, so we do try to place our athletes at a level that will challenge them! 

5 / How much is the program?

The investment for the 6 week program is $450 that must be paid in full prior to the program. This program is priced slightly higher than other programs because as coaches, we put a lot of time into preparing for each session, ensuring long term success and growth!

6 / Do you offer refunds or discounts if I start the program but cannot make it to each session?

There are no refunds for this program. Missed sessions cannot be made up.

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