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Sierra Gonyo

Founder of PhotoFit

CrossFit L-1 Coach

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

B.S. Entrepreneurship, Clarkson University

Hey y'all! I am Sierra Gonyo and I founded my company in 2020. Once I graduated from Clarkson University with a Bachelor's in Entrepreneurship, God called me to Texas and put PhotoFit on my heart. It became my mission to help more women feel strong, confident, and beautiful in their skin...because why should anyone not feel that way?! As a coach, I am best known for my holistic coaching style because fitness encompasses more than just looking good. When I work with my clients, I prioritize mental & emotional health, spirituality, personal growth, and community because relationships are everything in life! Each individual that I am blessed to work with becomes healthier physically, stronger mentally & emotionally, and continues to impact their community and family to live healthier lives! I truly care about my clients, my team, and our mission! I want others to thrive in all areas of life and feel strong, confident, and beautiful in their skin!

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Liz Francis


CrossFit L-1 Coach

Certified Professional Youth Coach

B.S. Marketing, University of Oklahoma

What’s up guys! Coming at you live from Oklahoma, my name is Liz Francis. After a lifelong addiction to sports and fitness, I became a certified trainer in 2020. I have a background in golf, cheerleading, and CrossFit! My favorite thing about coaching is seeing my athletes crush their goals and accomplish things they never thought were possible. I have a passion for helping people train in the gym to excel in life outside of the gym. I look forward to working out with you!

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Jessa Reed

Chief Relationship Officer

B.A. Psychology

Hi, I’m Jessa! I was born and raised in the beautiful mountains of the Adirondacks. I’ve recently left “home” to accompany my life-partner in his work-related travels (so, I’ll be all over the country). I care for my overall well-being through outdoor activities and nature therapy; typically accompanied by my Blue Heeler, Stormi Grace! I am preparing to hike the Appalachian Trail in the next couple of years (with the intention of expanding my enlightenment). I’m a passionate entrepreneur that dabbles in photography; I intend on utilizing my skills and experience to assist in reaching as many powerful individuals as possible through the growth of PhotoFit. To say this opportunity is divine timing would be an understatement! Sierra is a wonderful friend, coach, and role model of mine; and I value her goals immensely. Sierra was my personal fitness coach back in 2020 and contributed significantly to my self-love journey. My hope being here, with PhotoFit, is to reciprocate that positivity and growth throughout the community. 

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