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Welcome to PhotoFit

Our Story

A 16 week fitness program to help you feel strong, confident, and beautiful in your skin.

Working out can be CONFUSING! And so is trying to figure out what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat...Maybe you have tried everything! Keto, Atkins, low carb, HIIT class, your Peleton, and you still struggle with seeing consistent results. Nothing feels worse than being unhappy in your skin, feeling like nothing is working, and thinking about your worst food craving all day long. 

Wouldn't it feel so good to have a step by step program, telling you exactly what to do, knowing with full confidence that you will reach your goals just by following the program? Say goodbye to your food and workout confusion with PhotoFit.

Through my 16 week PhotoFit Program, I provide the best fitness coaching for women that will actually lead you to long term success, because every woman deserves to feel strong, confident, and beautiful in their body! At the end of 16 weeks, we celebrate with a fitness photoshoot!

Our Mission

We will be known as the best fitness program for women in America within the next 5 years, because every woman deserves to feel strong, confident, and beautiful in their skin (and get to celebrate at the end with a big photoshoot event!)


PhotoFit Dallas, Texas

March 9, 2023         Last Day to Apply / Click to Apply

March 13, 2023       Program Starts / Kick Off Call via Zoom

June 3, 2023           Photoshoot Day / Dallas, Texas

PhotoFit Plattsburgh, New York

April 5, 2023         Last Day to Apply / Click to Apply

April 10, 2023         Program Starts / Kick Off Call via Zoom

July 29, 2023          Photoshoot Day / Plattsburgh, New York

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Here's What Makes Us Unique

Our Clients Say

"The biggest thing I learned was the impact of consistent focus on hitting my macros. After a few weeks of locking in on the percentages and my calorie cap I started noticing significant weight loss and better recovery from my workouts, resulting in more effective workouts. I also feel that the repetition on major muscle movements (front squats, back squats) really helped me dial in my technique which then let me increase weight more than I thought possible. 
The combination of 1-1 calls and group calls really helped me with growth and accountability. I really liked the journaling topics, making me think about the causes of some on my struggles with food. This 12 week program finally helped me lock in on the nutrition, which I feel was my last major missing piece that I had been struggling with. Short answer is that I LOVED this program."

Jenny Weeks

Superwoman, Engineer, Mom of 3


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1 / Where is this program located? If I live far away can I still participate?

This program is a 16 week virtual coaching program so you can do the workouts from home or at your local gym. The photoshoot event at the end of the program is held at the destination listed above. If you join the program, you must be able to attend the photoshoot event. You are welcome to travel there for the day of the photoshoot. 

2 / Can I do the workouts from home? What equipment will I need?

You can do the program from home although I highly recommend doing workouts at a gym! You will need dumbbells and kettlebells of varying weight. For additional equipment, I highly recommend having a barbell, plates, and bike.

3 / What does the photoshoot day look like?

Shoot day will be on a Saturday. We will start the day by going to a fitness class together at 8am. You will shower after the workout and go to our host's house at 10am to get your hair and makeup professionally done, while we hang out, drink mimosas, and jam out to some music. Photoshoot will start at 4pm where we will take a bunch of fun group shots and individual shots. To be a part of this group, you must be free the whole day to attend our photoshoot event! 

4 / How many days per week do we workout in this program? How long are the workouts?

You will be given a 5 day workout plan but you will only be required to commit at least 3 days to workouts. We understand some of you are moms and life can be demanding, 5 days may not be feasible for you! If you can commit to working out 3, 4, or 5 days a week, that is great! We will set individual goals for you to hold you accountable to workouts each week. Each workout will last roughly 45 minutes and you will never see the same workout twice!

5 / How much is the program?

The investment varies for this 12 week program. Please click "apply now" to view the current program price. This program is priced slightly higher than other programs because as coaches we put a lot of time into personalizing the program, ensuring your long term success, and making sure we have a fun celebration at the end! If you are unable to budget for this amount, we do offer a 2 for 1 discount if you have a friend join with you!

6 / Do you offer refunds or discounts if I start the program but cannot make it to the photoshoot?

There are no refunds for this program. Once you sign up, you are agreeing to pay the monthly payment for 4 months.

7 / How often are coaching calls?

Every Monday night we have a 30 minute group coaching call via Zoom with Coach Liz. Every week you will be responsible for booking your 15 minute 1-1 coaching call via Zoom with Coach Sierra. You will also have access to a group forum and direct messaging with us coaches if you need more support! 

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